Private or Group Wine Tasting Workshops in Gascony

“Helping you to better understand Gascon wines and their pairings is a real pleasure for me”

Book a Private Event

If you would like to book a private or corporate wine tasting event with Emilie, please send her a message detailing your preferred program. It could be as simple as “A sensory introduction to wine tasting”, “cheese & wine pairing”, “chocolate & wine pairing” or “The secrets of Armagnac”. 


But if you’re not sure, Emilie can create an engaging and fun workshop perfect for any event.

Join a Workshop

If you prefer to join an existing workshop, Emilie hosts wine-tasting workshops across the Gascony region. The next workshops are as follows - please ask Emilie for date / venue information.


Contact me to arrange a private class or to join one of my workshops.

The secrets of Armagnac 

1h 30

52,50€ per person

A fascinating workshop that explores the history, production and taste of one of Gascony’s most famous products – the tasting features four local armagnacs.

Chocolate and Wine

1h 30

47,50€ per person

Part of the Gustatory series of workshops, this one pairs wine with fine chocolate. 

Cheese and Wine Pairing

1h 30

47,50€ per person

The first of the food / wine pairing workshops, this one pairs four different famous French cheeses with four wonderful wines.

Sensory Introduction to Wine Tasting


37,50€ per person

Learn to taste wine through exploring your senses. Emilie will talk you through the different aromas of wine, with four tasting wines to illustrate. You can also put your knowledge to the test with the aromas box challenge - after the Sensory Introduction to Wine Tasting, you will never look at a glass of wine the same.