Introducing Emilie –
A Passion for Wine

“Wine and gastronomy have always been my passion. Some of my earliest and most cherished childhood memories are of sipping my father’s good wine as he told me stories of the local vineyards and terroir


“From my grandmother I learned how to produce home-made foie gras and charcuterie. From my mother I gained understanding – how to select and prepare the fine local produce to make every meal time an occasion.

“Now I am a mother, I have this passion to cook from local and organic products and share these values with my own family.”

“I love the challenge and the sheer enjoyment of discovering the secrets hidden in the wine. Pulling the cork begins a journey of discovery, which is a real pleasure. Each bottle tells a story and is particular to a terroir, a producer, a climate.”

Emilie trained in Bordeaux and is a fully qualified and experienced sommelière who offers top quality tours and wine tasting workshops, specialising in fine wines and Gascony gastronomy.  She has been tutored by four of the best sommeliers in the world and has worked in classified vineyards in Médoc and abroad, learning English and Spanish along the way.


In Gascony, Emilie can introduce you to fabulous producers, who welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with visitors. Book now to start your discovery of wonderful Gascon food and drink.

Ask Emilie

Have you ever wondered the best wine to accompany foie gras? Or the perfect serving temperature for a fine Bordeaux? Ask Emilie your wine related question by clicking on “Your Questions” at the bottom of the page.

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